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My inspiration comes from the work of psychologist Carl Jung and his theory of the “shadow”, which is our unconsciousness, our unknown “dark side”, which he believed to be “the seat of creativity” and “the true spirit of life”.
"Enantiodromia” was a term invented by Carl Jung, following Heraclitus, to describe a reversal at the extremity, or how actions turn into their ostensible opposites. It’s also a therapeutic term meaning that a person attempts to alter its personality or behaviour in response to a traumatic experience.
Combining these 2 terms of “shadow” and “enantiodromia”, the music is trying to portray the first one as a consistent low frequency that’s following us wherever we go, while the second one is the action that is trying to free itself from the chains of darkness, thus coming into the light and becoming conscious to us. It’s the alteration that brings healing and it launches a different perspective on life, while “we begin to travel up through the healing spirals” (Heraclitus).

Technically it’s all about feeding audio into analogue circuits and manipulate the result improvising with various parameters. Each recording is the first take, trying to capture a natural playful feeling and it contains certain audio recordings that I’ve made myself.

The tracks are mixed but not mastered yet. Artwork is only temporary. Demo 2016. For full effect, please play loud.


released June 6, 2016



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Owlbites Utrecht, The Netherlands

Owlbites is an experimental ambient/drone project of Thanos Fotiadis active in NL. It started as a healing process and it developed as a continuous experiment in sound.

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